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Vivai Nicola di Nicola Marco

Other varieties Hazelnut plants on request

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Other hazelnut varieties

We provide certified hazelnut trees. In this section you will find the technical files of the varieties we offer.

Other varieties are available upon request with a withdrawal period of about 1-2 years, depending on the natural production and growing cycle of the plants.

Newberg (C. Avellana x C. Coulurna, clonar rootstocks) hazelnut

Corylus avellana var. Pendula hazelnut

OSU 899.010 (selection) hazelnut

Gasaway hazelnut

Pellagrossa hazelnut

Gunslebert hazelnut

Jemtegaard 5 hazelnut

Du Chilly hazelnut

Tonda bianca hazelnut

Dundee hazelnut

Cosford hazelnut

Bergeri hazelnut

Plaza hazelnut

Morell hazelnut

Mincane hazelnut

Fosa hazelnut

Kalinkara hazelnut

Sant Pere hazelnut

Daviana hazelnut

Corabel hazelnut

Butler hazelnut

Tombol hazelnut

Negret hazelnut

Istarski duruljasti hazelnut

Merveille de Bollwiller hazelnut

Impériale de Trébizonde hazelnut

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