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Vivai Nicola di Nicola Marco

ServicesTechnical consultancy for the management of hazelnut groves

In addition to selling hazelnut plants, we provide technical assistance in the evaluation, design, construction and management of hazelnut groves.

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Assistance with everything concerning hazelnut trees

Installation consultancy

The company offers consultancy for evaluation, planning and realisation of new hazel installations.

In the evaluation phase, it is necessary to take fundamental choices for the future hazel grove; an accurate feasibility study of the implantation avoids its risk of failure.

In the planning, every necessary factor is considered in order to obtain the correct arrangement, for example the soil fertility, the selected type of cultivation, the possibility of irrigation, the necessity to use machineries for the management and the harvest.

The variety choice is also an important aspect to consider: the company can help with it and provide the suitable material for the plantation.

After the realisation of the plantation, the consultation goes on in the different life phases of the hazel, supporting the producer, suggesting the correct pruning (both for the cultivation and the production) and the efficient and sustainable agronomic and phytosanitary management.

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Terrain analysis

Evaluation of soil suitability for planting hazels

In the valuation phase, there is also the possibility to collect one or more soil samples and submit them to a physico-chemical analysis in order to evaluate the actual suitability for the planting of hazelnut trees.

The analysis highlights the physical characteristics of the soil, such as the granulometry (sand, loam and clay), the pH-value, the nourishing aspects such as organic matter and micro- and macro elements. The terrain analysis is also necessary for a correct fertilization process and for the preparation for the implantation.

Tracking and mechanized implantation

We shorten times and costs thanks to the tracking and mechanized system

The farm owns specific equipment for the GPS tracking, which offers a great precision and reduces times and manpower. Later, the trees can be manually or mechanically planted, depending on the situation.

Moreover, the farm offers a service of tracking and mechanized implantation at the same time, with a tractor provided with an automatic transplanter machine. This method allows to reduce times and cost and it is appropriate for extended implantations.

Shipping and certifications

We can supply most countries in the world

The farm can ship goods to Europe and many other countries in the world by finding the best transport service and booking it. Furthermore, the farm collaborates with the phytosanitary service of Piedmont for the provision of the phytosanitary certificates required from the destination country.

Currently the company has commercial relationships with Austria, Bulgaria, Croatia, France, Germany, Japan, Greece, Macedonia, Holland, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia, Switzerland, Ukraine and Hungary.


Creativity and design rigor in the planning and creat green areas

The company has great experience and creativity in planning and creat green areas. A wide variety of ornamental plants, of large and small sizes, is available at our nursery. We can manage large amount of work thanks to our high tech machinaries.