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Vivai Nicola di Nicola Marco

CompanyNursery specialized in hazelnuts

Since 1922, testing, quality and love for our products, have made Vivai Nicola the leader in the field of coryliculture.

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Since 1922 we are leader in the field of coryliculture


More than 35 years of experience …
Our history

Marco Nicola, the leader and founder of the company, following his father footsteps, dedicates his life to nursery and research, he boasts 35 years of experience and great ability in the field.

As a child, he learned to graft and to dedicate himself to production, he has always esperimented and searched new ways of growing hazelnuts with passion, curiosity and creative spirit. Marco started his long journey from a small village but he is ready to reach the world.

Currently our company is spread over 50 hectares (123 acres), with 210,000 square metres of rootstock stumps for a total of 15,500 mother plants spread across 7 villages in Langhe and Monferrato, Italy. 

In 2017 Vivai Nicola deposited an international patent relating to how the plants are treated during explanting and when they are subsequently planted, hence the new NicolaHazelnut range.

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  • 1922

    Pietro Nicola on his father's footprint builds up the first nursery calling it "PIetro Nicola was Biagio"

  • 1931

    Pietro Nicola's son: Biagio Nicola was born

  • 1958

    Biagio Nicola's son: Pietro Nicola was born

  • 1962

    Biagio buys the first tractor: a Massey Fergusson 44

  • 1963

    Biagio Nicola's son: Claudio Nicola was born

  • 1966

    Biagio Nicola's son: Marco Nicola was born

  • 1990

    Vivai Fratelli Nicola was founded

  • 2009

    Biagio Nicola receives an honour from MIVA as pioneer of the vine-plant growing

  • 2015

    Marco Nicola founds "Vivai Nicola"

  • 2016

    Certification of Hazelnut Qualification Program Ferrero ISMEA CIVI - ITALY

  • 2017

    International patent line Nicolahazelnut ®

  • 2018

    Pope Francis blesses a hazelnut's plant

Our nursery

Our nursery was founded in 1922 and over the years it became a leader in the sale and the cultivation of hazelnut trees

Vivai Nicola has always been specialized in the hazelnut sector. We have an in-depth knowledge of the hazelnut tree and a good knowledge of the nursery aspect, from the cultivation of the plant to the use of the hazel in the industry and for the consumer.

Our nursery can provide propagation material for the best known and the most appreciated varieties.

We grow and sell only plants we produce in our nursery. Every plant has the C.A.C (authorization of plant protection), the voluntary certification CIVI ITALIA ISMEA FERRERO and the certification with the issue of “blue card”, the latter guarantees varietal purity.

The production area

The production area of our hazelnut trees is in Mombercelli, in the province of Asti in Piemonte

We are in the heart of the area of origin of the hazelnut “Tonda Gentile delle Langhe“, denominated nowadays “Tonda Gentile Trilobata“.

The area, well known all around the world for its weather characteristics and the structure of its terrain, has some specific features that guarantee the development of the plantation.

We cultivate and sell several varieties of the best Italian hazelnut trees. Our large experience in the cultivation of hazels guarantees the variety certainty, perfect plants and consultation regarding the preparation of the plantations.


Experts in the cultivation and sale of hazelnut

Marco Nicola

Founder and Leader

Diego Nicola

Sara Nicola

Authorizations and certifications

Permission from the Piedmont region

We are authorized by the Piedmont Region for the production and trade of vegetables and plant products, you can view the authorization document here.


We are C.A.C. certified (phytosanitary authorization).


We have CIVI ITALY ISMEA FERRERO certification.


We collaborate with the University of Eastern Piedmont.